Session Details

Wednesday, 22 May

Workshop 1: Mass Casualty Situation

9:45 – 13:00

Large traffic accident! 43 children were injured when a tour bus caught on fire.

A tour bus, transporting pupils from an elementary school in Prague to a ski resort in the Alps, collided with a truck and caught on fire on Motorway D4 near the Austrian and German borders. 2 fire brigades, 3 emergency doctors (none of them are surgeons), 6 paramedics, and 3 ambulances arrived at the scene. One helicopter may be on its way. How to manage a situation like this the best? Is trans-border and international help possible and how?

22/5 Challenge

17:15 – 18:15

The purpose of the 22/5 challenge is to hear and see top paediatric burn professionals and share their points of view, ideas, dreams and doubts, everything presented in a simple format of 22 slides, each lasting for 22 seconds. It means that each presentation will last 8 minutes only, new slides will advance after 22 seconds automatically. The limit on images and seconds is important; there is no “next slide” or “go back one, please”. This will ensure a short and concise presentation. This format does not facilitate to focus on particulars. We believe this will be like a “box of chocolates”: unexpected ideas from different creative people from our profession, full of pleasant surprises.

Thursday, 23 May


09:30 – 12:30

There have been several novel developments in the area of new technologies in burn care. We believe that these new technological approaches hold a lot of promise to modify and improve the complexities of pediatric burn care during the next decade.

Children and adults: what we can learn one from another? 

14:00 – 15:00

Children are not small adults. They have unique physiology that must be adequately addressed. It means that paediatric burn management may be different in many aspects compare to management of adult patients. However, many of us treat both age groups. What is comparable and what is completely different? In this speech two invited speakers will tell us about their personal experience.

3W - What Went Wrong? 

15:30 – 17:00

In this session, speakers tell others what went wrong it their practice, about mistakes to learn from, and blind alleys of their effort. 



Friday, 24 May

Clinical Ethics in Pediatric Burn Medicine – Basic Structure of Decision-MakingWorkshop

9:45 – 13:00

We have to deal with difficult decisions too often. Are they always ethically correct? This workshop will help us to make right choices in the mine-field of paediatric burns. Based on four real cases, we will discuss options and consequences.