List of Posters

P.01 Application of genetic testing on Psychophamacological Therapy in a pediatric burn population
  Philip Chang, US
P.02 Initial experience with Microbial cellulose (EpiProtect®) Burns dressings in young children
  Andrea Cronshaw, GB
P.03 Fractional ablative laser therapy for post-burn hypertrophic scars in pediatric patients
  Hana Klosova, CZ
P.04 Alginogels in treatment of an acid burning in childhood
  Blanka Kocmichova, CZ
P.05 The use of ac.Hyaluronic in the treatment of 2°deep degre and 3°degre burns
  Antonio Merone, IT
P.06 Gene expression in burns
  Silviu Constantin Badoiu, RO
P.07 How good is a burn surgeon in comparing burn areas without a context?
  Silviu Constantin Badoiu, RO
P.08 Electric deep burn of fingers and the complication in 2,5 year old boy
  Jana Bartoskova, CZ
P.09 Trends in pediatric acuity at a single verified U.S. Burn center
  Philip Chang, US
P.10 Surgical algorithm for burns
  Dan Mircea Enescu, RO
P.11 Estrogens and skin flap viability: implications for reconstructive surgery in a rat model
  Peter Gal, SK
P.12 Mass casualties in young people: scenarios and possible ways to prepare for it
  Herbert Haller, AT
P.13 A retrospective study of drug prescribing pattern in burn patients in our hospital, is it time to change our practices?
  Chrysi Papageorgiou, CY
P.14 Head, face and neck burns in children – does it heal?
  Klaus Pfurtscheller, AT
P.15 Children in hospital: how are their rights protected in Sweden
  Kristina Silfvenius, SE
P.16 Pediatric burn mass casualty plans: an analysis of state level burn disaster plans in the United States
  Philip Chang, US
P.17 UK National Burn Prevention day- the experience of The Midland Burn Care Network
  Clare Thomas, GB
P.18 Risk factors for burn accidents in children of the age of 0-4 years: a prospective study
  Annebeth De Vries, NL
P.19 Burn first aid in children, how well informed are healthcare providers in Cyprus?
  Chrysi Papageorgiou, CY